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ENFORCEABILITY OF NONCOMPETE AGREEMENT (4 th contract requirement – “lawful object”) 3 Requirements of “Reasonableness” of Restrictive Covenant: 1) necessary to protect employer’s legitimate interest 2) not unduly harsh or more harsh than is required to protect the employer 3) not adverse to the public interest 9 Factors: 1) limitations of time & territory 2) whether employee is sole contact with customer 3) whether employee has confidential information 4) whether covenant seeks to eliminate unfair competition or ordinary
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Unformatted text preview: whether covenant seeks to eliminate unfair competition or ordinary competition 5) whether covenant seeks to stifle skill and experience of employee 6) whether benefit to employer is disproportional to the detriment to employee 7) whether covenant operates as a bar to employee’s sole means of support 8) whether employee’s talent developed during employment 9) whether forbidden employment is merely incidental to the main employment...
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