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Laboratory Reports(1) - CHEM 446 Lab Reports Plagiarism...

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CHEM 446 Lab Reports Plagiarism Laboratory reports by students who have previously taken CHEM 446 are available, but not from us. Plagiarism is a serious academic infraction. Using a report from a student who has previously taken the course, and – in particular – simply replacing data in a document with yours are forms of plagiarism. It is unlikely that the laboratory instructor will check your report for this sort of plagiarism while grading, but such a check may be made. It is not worth the risk to try such a stunt. You must turn in copies of the data from your notebook that may be used to check the data in your report. You should be analyzing the data you and your partner took, not that of someone else. Style of a Report Laboratory reports are to be created with a word processor. They are to be carefully constructed, edited, and proofread before submitting. Reports should contain no hand-written or hand-drawn material. Grammatical and typographical mistakes in a report do not encourage the reader to trust the experimental data, so you should construct the report with an eye to proper English, proper style, and careful organization. Technical reports are different from the papers written for a nonscientific audience. Do not lead the report or a paragraph with conclusions. Draw conclusions from data and arguments that have been presented in the paragraph. Do not write in narrative style. It is not necessary to define standard terms like standard deviation, etc. Remember that you are writing a report for a technically literate audience. Reports should follow this general format. 1. The report should begin with a Title that indicates name of the experiment and the experiment number. On a separate line should be the name(s) of the author(s). This year, include below the name(s) the e-mail addresses of all authors. On a subsequent line should be course and section number, and on a separate line should be the due date of the report and, if different from the due date, the date when the report was submitted. 2. The Abstract , (10 pts) a brief summary of the results of the experiment, should be included on the title page. The title and abstract should not be more than one page. The abstract should include the important results of your experiment, including values you determined (including uncertainties) of parameters, a comparison of the results with literature data (no reference number needed here). Do not put a table of data in the abstract. 3.
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Laboratory Reports(1) - CHEM 446 Lab Reports Plagiarism...

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