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Econ 436 Fall 2011 Prof. M. Jones Instructions for “Trade in News and Comments” Find one or several news articles in the last 12 months on a story on international trade that you find interesting. You should only use reputable news sources. 1. Write a paragraph summarizing the story. Be sure to provide references (e.g., links to articles). There is no need to print/photocopy and turn in the original article. 2. Write a one-page, double-spaced comment. Try to apply your knowledge of economics while commenting. One page is not a lot, so don’t make it shorter than that. But as always, quality matters more than quantity.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. It is not required that you draw graphs your story and comments may not need one, or you might not have learned the kind of graph that will help make your point. However you are encouraged to draw graphs if you feel it is appropriate and enhances your comments, but then the graph does not count toward the one-page comment requirement. 4. What was said above about graphs applies to equations as well. This assignment will be given 3 times during the semester, so try to choose stories with different themes. Grading will be based on clarity of exposition and soundness of economical reasoning....
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