Syllabus - English 300M-Spring 2011 Children's Literature...

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English 300M--Spring 2011 Children's Literature Monday/Wednesday 1:10-2:10 UU 120 Prof. Signorotti Office: College in the Woods 1E Hours: Monday/Wednesday 10:30-11:30 Email: Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because the tell us that dragons can be beaten. G. K. Chesterton Course Objectives: To combine rigorous literary analysis with critical writing. As critical thinking and expository writing are linked and reflexive activities, we will use writing to refine our analysis and analys- is to strengthen our writing. To develop a thorough understanding of the foundational texts of childhood, with an eye to- ward establishing a theory of children’s literature and its central role in constructing childhood in Western culture. To gain a general knowledge of literary theory and apply it to the course materials. To revisit texts/films of childhood and discover their multivalent qualities and their applica- tions to our daily lives. To advance your writing level to the next stage of development. It does not matter where you begin; the goal is to improve by the end of the semester and to have a better understanding of critical writing form. Requirements: The large lecture format can be cumbersome, but students are still expected to come to lecture and to discussion prepared to discuss the assigned material. Students will write 3 detailed essay outlines and two 5-page essays. In addition, students are required to arrive at each discussion section with 1-page (typed or printed, not hand written) response to any aspect of the week’s reading assignments. Essays should seek to link primary and secondary readings: literat- ure and analysis. There are no discussion section response page make-ups. As a courtesy to me and to your fellow students, please turn off all cell phones prior to class, arrive to class on time, and avoid moving about the lecture hall once class has begun. Papers: All writing assignments are due at the beginning of discussion section on the assigned due date. In addition to handing in a hard copy of your essay to your discussion section leader, you are required to submit your essay to Turnitin on Blackboard. Papers not submitted to
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Syllabus - English 300M-Spring 2011 Children's Literature...

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