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Useful tips for critical prose. Thesis statements: be precise. A topic is usually one word: shoes, hair, age, beauty, wealth. A thesis statement proposes an argument about the topic: the quality of shoes demonstrates social worth; older, married women gain power but are then demonized, etc. Argumentative vs. Narrative paragraph topic sentences: Narrative: simply narrate the text. Ex: Though Cinderella begins with silver and silk slippers, she ultimately gets gold slippers. Ex: Snow White desires the poisoned apple because it is beautiful. Argumentative: states a point of argument and interpretation. It’s not something you can gather from simply reading the text. Ex: Cinderella’s movement from silver and silk slippers to gold underscores her worthiness on the mar- riage market. Ex: Whereas the Prince is rewarded for his desire to possess a thing of beauty, Snow White is punished, suggesting a sexual double standard.
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