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Everything after Midterm Part 1: IDs/given 6 sanswre 4 (32 points) Part 2: essay group 1 (34 points) Part 3: essay group 2 (34 points) Keyword: Watergate Conservatism Triumphant Political and Economic Crisis of 1970s Oil embargo and recession “stagflation” Deindustrialization Transformation from industrial to service economy Increased competition (Germany and Japan have been crashed after WW2. 1970s,80s=Japan became a powerhouse) Watergate Scandal, 1972-1974 Break-in at DNC offices at Watergate Hotel (attempted break-in/led to downfall of current president) White House cover up (one of them was a republic security and one of them was CIA) Systematic political spying and sabotage done by CREP and federal agencies About to be impeached for abuse of power and authority (also lied to congress) Nixon resigns from the White House, 1974 (as a result of scandal) The VP Ford pardons Nixon for any offenses (Americans before Watergate trusted the government. After the Watergate incident, Americans had distrust in the
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Unformatted text preview: government/In 1976, Americans vote for someone from Georgia to be the next president) New Right or Reagan Coalition Free-market advocates (economic conservatives) Militant anti-communists FundamentaChristians (More Majorities. Christian Coalition) (gayrights) Souherners and Westerners (sunbelt) White working-class Democrats (Reagan Domocratz) known as Reagan dream) Reaganomics Supply-side economomy (belief to cut taxes) Tax cuts promote economic growth and thus creater greater gov- t-revenues 33% increase in military spending Cuts in domestic spending Deregulation, Pro-business policies privatization Impact Economic growth I nmid-1980s Federal deficit in 1980=$834 B Federal deficit in 1988=$2.3 T Interest deficit 1/7 th of federal expend Re-concentration of wealth 1984 Election Morning in America...
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