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The Civil Rights Movement (1944-1967) Keywords: Montgomery Bus Boycott Brown Decision Overarching themes WWII’s impact (veterans will form, energized by discrimination…etc and racial nazi led to holocaust after WWII) Cold war and civil rights Both to-down and bottom up (big titanic figures across the landscape like Martin Luther King) Young people’s importance New media-driven tactics Inter-racial cooperation (civil rights movement had integrated) Legal and Social Challenges to Segregation and Disfranchisement (1944-1954) Smith vs Allright, 1944 -Declared all-white primary illegal (buried in the news coverage) 1947, Jackie Robinson Breaks Baseball Color Barrier 1948, Military desegregated by executive order (Harry Truman could integrate things because of his power) Brown vs Board of Education of Topeke, 1954 Thurgood Marshall, lead attorney NAACP (some girl’s mom sued the border of education) Earl warren, Chief Justice and author of decision
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Unformatted text preview: Overturns Plessy separate but equal has no place separate educational facilities are inherently unequal Aftermath of Brown Brown, li with all deliberate speed and to be overseen by federal courts Massive resistance, citizens councils, southern manifesto ( Emmmett Till, 1955 14-yr old lynched for whistling at white woman Mother insists on open casket funeral Accused killers acquitted Case re-opened summer 2004 Montgomery Bus Boycotts, 1955-1956 Rosa Parks arrested in Dec. 1955 (refuse to get her seat and she gets arrested) Emergence of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boycott lasts over a year, but is successful Non-violent direct action (the civil rights movement moved from legal strategies to non-direct violent actions) 1957 Formation of Southern Christian Leadership Conference Little Rock High School and federal intervention (...
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