Oct 3 Notes - A New Imperial Power Keywords...

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A New Imperial Power Keywords Phillippine-American War Open Door Notes The US and the World New Markets sought in China and Latin America(instead of expanding/railroad, sell industrial and agricultural products globally like Asia, Latin America) Territories acquired to facilitate this Military intervention to ensure it, where possible(Military intervention went possible because distance-wise) Diplomatic interventions and cooperation with other great powers, when necessary New Imperial Designs, why the 1890s? 1. Overproduction of both manufactured and agricultural goods. Need for new markets(saw overproduction as an economy problem) 2. World-wide scramble for empire(Belgium,Japan…etc find empire countries such as Africa-cotton for natural resources) 3. Cultural and Racial Superiority: scientific racism, “White Man’s Burden”(western civilization had a responsibility not just to take over the land for benefits for but lesser civilized countries)
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Oct 3 Notes - A New Imperial Power Keywords...

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