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Sep 14 Notes - ridiculous • 2/3 fail to hold onto...

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Notes Keywords Homestead Act Dawes Act Images Cowboys and Indians Miners Homesteaders Real West Urban (not meaning cities like nyc but cities where people are surrounded together and not isolated Industrial (ex. Silver/gold/copper miner mining became high industrial process) Commercial ( Multi-cultural (large settlers of Mexicans, Germans, Sweden, Chinese for railroad labor…etc) Importance of Federal Government Native Americans Dawes Act -1887 In discussion Railroads and Cattle - Long extensive chain of movement - Quarter of the people were African Americans Cattle Drives Mining in West - Heavily capitalized industry - Very costless and efficient but later, they become harmful (poisonous) Butte, Montana - Montana had the worst pollution because of the release of arsenic in the air Homestead Act, 1862 160 acre homesteads handed out “free” by US Govt (begin to grow stuff such as trees to improve) 600,000 families take up the offer (the idea of starting a farm when you’re poor is
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Unformatted text preview: ridiculous) • 2/3 fail to hold onto land (either they leave or sell it to others like banks) • Enough last to make plains a major agricultural producer from 1880s on (the granting of lands between the mountains does become a major agricultural producer such as wheat and corn) Nebraska Homesteaders-They make great saw dwellings which simply just cover your head-Western women were extreme hard working Trouble on the farm • Low prices (if you grow corn, and corn price go down, it’s bubye de shijian) • High mortgages and debt burdens • Deflation (limited supply of gold/ the real value is increasing) • High railroad costs, esp., to small producers • Drought • Tariffs on manufactured goods The end of the frontier • Fear of native American disappearance 1880s( • 1890 Census • The mythology of the American west… • But it continues to be a location of conflict and of challenges to the industrial political and economic order...
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Sep 14 Notes - ridiculous • 2/3 fail to hold onto...

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