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W.E.B. Du Bois Harvard-trained ph.D Immigration and Urban America Keywords: Machine Politics The National League Immigration 1866-1915: 25 million immigrants Changed origins from pre-Civil War immigrants: 8.4 million from Southern and Eastern Europe Assimilation? Nativism: - 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act (First racially exclusive paper I the history. Lasted til 1943 but it was supposed to last for only 10 years) - American Protective league: 1887 Urbanization Fueled by immigration more than by internal Industrial Cities: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit (Chicago population doubled in 10 years which were all immigrants) Tenements Living conditions (almost always without running water, it was disgusting) Suburbanization – transportation improvements, Trolley car 1880s
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Unformatted text preview: Skyscrapers In 1920, Census showed more Americans lived in cities than rural areas for 1 st time Urban Politics Machine Politics -based on patronage of the boss-Party Clubhouses and Saloons-Provided needed social services and work (it worked)-But a wasteful corruption of the political system-Why US? -Universal male suffrage (and easy naturalization) before city service provision Urban Culture New Forms of Leisure:-Vaudeville (form of theatre took place in neighborhoods. It is like a variety show)-Movie houses (new form of cultural entertainment=movies)(situated in immigrated urban centres)-Dance halls-Amusement parks...
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