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Wiltse Paper instructions

Wiltse Paper instructions - HIST 104 Modern American...

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HIST 104 Modern American Civilization, Ortiz Instructions for Wiltse, Contested Waters Paper, due in class Friday, December 2. There are two goals for this paper. The first is to relate to your reader (your TA) an informative and concise description of the book’s main argument(s) and a description of the types of evidence used to make those arguments. Second, you should answer the questions listed below. This paper should be between 6-8 pages, but no less than 5. It should be broken down as follows: Section I: A short introductory paragraph to the topic and book. (~.5 page) Section II . Describe the author’s main arguments and the types of evidence used to make the case. (~1-1.5pages) Section III : Answer these questions (~4-5 pages): 1. In the Contested Waters , Wiltse describes the “Swimming Pool Age “ of the 1920s-1940s. How did the form and function of swimming pools of this age change from the previous public pools of the Progressive Era?
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