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Final Test vocabs - Anglo-Japanese Alliance Alliance...

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Anglo-Japanese Alliance Alliance between Japan and British to commit each other to defend the other when attacked by 2 or more powers. It renewed in 1905 and lapsed in 1923. Article Nine Is a clause in the national constitution of Japan that forbids action of war by the state. The constitution came into effect on May 3, 1947 after WWII. Basically to avoid war, jap created this constitution. Boxer Rebellion (1900) The boxers relied on qigong, which relates to supernatural such as spells and amulets. In 1898, flood and famine in Shandong, combined with the advance of the Germans in that province, led to the first Boxer rising. Boxer Rebellion was an unsuccessful rebellion in China. The goal was to get rid of religion and foreign influence. Chiang Kai-shek He is the Chinese Nationalist leader. His power was steadily increasing. His power was based on the loyalty of the military. He was indispensable, but lacked the charisma to inspire his officials. Also, he didn’t have the gift of eloquence to rouse the people he desired. Deng Xiaoping He was Mao’s true successor. By 1978, he was clearly China’s most powerful political figure who directed “The Four Modernizations-” agriculture, industry, science and defense. His goal was to make China into a modern industrial state. There were changes in the countryside as agriculture was decollectivized. Dr. Syngman Rhee He was American educated and he was elected as the first president of the republic of korea ttil 1960, retained much prestige. His administration, however was disappointing and the way he ruled was notoriously corrupt. General Douglas Macarthur Douglas MacArthur was one of the best-known American military leaders of World War II, when he commanded Allied forces in the southwest Pacific. He took authority against Japan in 1945 and Korea in 1950.
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Final Test vocabs - Anglo-Japanese Alliance Alliance...

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