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Review sheet_exam1 - Be able to describe how simple sugars...

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Review sheet -Exam 1 Chapter 1 Energy nutrients Nutrients that support metabolism Micro vs macronutrient Fat vs soluble vitamins Calculating Energy Distribution Electrolytes Water and importance Phytochemicals Where to get your nutrition information from Chapter 2 What Is a Healthy Diet? Nutrient density/ Empty calories/ Energy density Tools to plan a healthy diet Effect of serotonin on body and brain Chapter 3 Types of carbohydrates Function How much do we need Organs and hormones involved in glucose regulation (mechanism of action) Diseases/conditions related to sugar Sugar substitutes The definition of the glycemic index Low vs high glycemic index response
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to describe how simple sugars, high fructose CS and a low diet could affect body metabolic changes The health benefits of fiber/ how much do we need per day Glycation and how it is involved in diabetes’ complications Chapter 4 Definition of a lipid Types and functions Fatty acids Triglyceride Phospholipids Sterols (plant and animals) Saturated vs unsaturated fatty acids Cholesterol: function, synthesis, LDL vs HDL Trans fat: everything we covered Omega3 vs omega 6: ratio, function, contribution to health and disease Fat labels Cholesterol, bile and soluble fiber relationship Heart disease...
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Review sheet_exam1 - Be able to describe how simple sugars...

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