Review sheet - Review sheet -Exam 1 Chapter 1 Energy...

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Unformatted text preview: Review sheet -Exam 1 Chapter 1 Energy nutrients you have to eat energy nutrients because your body doesnbt provide these. Nutrients that support metabolism water vitamin mineral phytochemicals Micro vs macronutrient macro- protei fat carbs, micro- vitamin phytochemicals. Micro carries out and help macronutrients Fat vs soluble vitamins adek vitamins . soluble is vitamin c, biotin, vitamin b Calculating Energy Distribution Electrolytes dissolve in water, maintain the body Water and importance comprise of 60 to 70 % of our body, used to control our body temp, to lubricate our joints Phytochemicals we get major nutrients from phytochemicals. But the studies dont completely prove it. Where to get your nutrition information from I get it from peerview journal and ms phd Chapter 2 What Is a Healthy Diet? Balance moderate variety . Nutrient density/ Empty calories/ Energy density nd is food that gives you nutrition such as vegetables. Ed is food such as donuts, which gives you energy due to sugar. Ea is something like vegetables....
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Review sheet - Review sheet -Exam 1 Chapter 1 Energy...

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