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Carbohydrates can be stored in the body=Carbohydrates monosaccharaides liver Eating too much simple carbohydrates could cause of diabetes in the long run=insulin resistance, may involve to diabetes Eating a banana w/ a cup of milk can help you sleep better=produces serotonin. -monosaccharide = 1 unit of sugar -disaccharide= 2 units of sugar -glucose=abundant -galactose= in milk -Fructose=in fruits -glycogen= storage for both humans and animals -you can obtain starch and glycogen because they’re simple. But not fiber because they’re
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Unformatted text preview: complex in structure-when you don’t get carbohydrates, you lose muscles-if there’s a drop in glycogen, the liver releases glycogen-the function of insulin is to store, when we consume high amount of simple sugar, there will be some glycogen stored in the liver. The more you train your muscles, the more you’re increasing glycogen-pancreas release insulin and glucagon-glucagon release glucose into your blood stream-insulin doesn’t make you fat. Only when you over consume carbohydrates-...
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