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WEEK3CHM - shape that allows it to interact with other...

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Weekly Summary week 3 In this weeks class I learned a lot of amazing information. I want to start with the invention of the pressure cooker. I have found that the pressure cookers create a closed environment that literally forces steam through foods and transfers the heat. When the tightly sealed cooker is set over high heat, steam pressure builds and the internal temperature rises. This environment ranges from 5 to 10psi in low and medium pressure units and 15psi in standard high-pressure units which enables cooking at temperatures of 257o F. The most interesting thing that I learned in our post and from my classmates is that molecules are in our body and in other living things. Each molecule had a unique
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Unformatted text preview: shape that allows it to interact with other molecules. With these important molecules we are able to see through the VSEPR theory, how we can predict the shape that a molecule can take. It is based on the idea that valence shell electron pairs want to stay as far apart from each other as possible (because they are negatively charged) so that their repulsions are at a minimum. Another way to understand any molecule, one must first complete a Lewis dot structure. It is then possible to predict the molecular shape using these basic principles. Like all the other classes I really enjoyed learning about molecules and the pressure cooker....
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