notes31 - WEEK 5 NOTES (Sparsh

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Unformatted text preview: WEEK 5 NOTES (Sparsh Shekhar)---------------------------HashTables--------------------------- **(HashTableVoid.h)** : struct HashTableVoidEntry { const char * _key; void * _data; HashTableVoidEntry * _next; }; class HashTableVoid { public: enum { TableSize = 2039}; HashTableVoidEntry **_buckets; int hash(const char * key); public: HashTableVoid(); // Add a record to the hash table. Returns true if key already exists. // Substitute content if key already exists. bool insertItem( const char * key, void * data); // Find a key in the dictionary and place in "data" the corresponding record // Returns false if key is does not exist bool find( const char * key, void ** data); // Removes an element in the hash table. Return false if key does not exist. bool removeElement(const char * key); }; class HashTableVoidIterator { int _currentBucket; HashTableVoidEntry *_currentEntry; HashTableVoid * _hashTable; public: HashTableVoidIterator(HashTableVoid * hashTable); bool next(const char * & key, void * & data); }; **(** :...
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notes31 - WEEK 5 NOTES (Sparsh

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