notes41 - Graphs-Graph Terminology a Adjacent vertices...

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Review For Final Exam MergeSort - Divide and Conquer - Implementation - Practice Examples - Complexity O(n*log(n)) Quicksort - Implementation - Practice Examples - Complexity: Expected = O(n*log(n)), Worst = O(n^2) Radix Sort - Implementation - Complexity O(b*n) where b is number of bits per key BucketSort - Implementation - Complexity O(n+m) where n is number of keys, m is range of keys String Matching - Brute Force a. Implementation b. Complexity O(m*n) where m is substring length, n is text length - Rabin Karp a. Compares hash numbers b. Implementation c. Complexity: Expected = O(m+n), Worst = O(m*n) Data Compression - Fixed and variable length encoding - Prefix rule for variable length encoding - Encoding trie - Huffman encoding trie to get optimal encoding Tries - lookup of string in a trie, O(n) where n is length of the string
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Unformatted text preview: Graphs-Graph Terminology a. Adjacent vertices, degree of vertex b. Path, simple path, cycle, connected graph- Complete Graph- Spanning Tree- Data Structures for graphs a. edge list b. adjacency list c. adjacency matrix- Depth First Search a. recursive b. use a stack- Breadth First Search a. visit vertices at a distance of 1, then 2, then 3, … b. use a queue Transitive Closure-transitive closure of G called G*-use DFS for every vertex and make paths from root to every vertex reached-use Floyd Warshal Algorithm Topological Sort-Implementation-Examples Shortest Path Algorithm (Dijkstra)-Implementation-Examples Minimum Spanning Tree-properties-Prim Jarnick Algorithm-Examples Materials to Study-Class Notes-Previus Exams-Study Guide-Projects...
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notes41 - Graphs-Graph Terminology a Adjacent vertices...

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