notes69 - 1/10/2005 through 1/14/2005 Instructor: Gustavo...

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1/10/2005 through 1/14/2005 Instructor: Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera Course Web Page: o (Syllabus, etc. is on this web page.) Grades: Mailing List: Add yourself to the mailing list. From a CS machine (lore): o bash> mailer add me to cs251-pso1 If you don’t have a cs account, email grr@cs and I will add you to the mailing list. Include your PSO section. Class Notes online: Volunteer to take class notes for a week. Type them in HTML/GIF/JPEG and send as attachment to cs251-ta@cs You will get 1% (4pts.) extra credit in the final note. I will bring the list of possible weeks on Monday so you can sign in. Send questions to cs251-ta@cs Which sends to the TAs and grr Or grr@cs if necessary. Office hours: Stop by before or after class, or send e-mail. Content: Analysis Tools (Ex: time increases exponentially with size of input) Stacks and Queues o (LIFO) (FIFO) Vectors, lists, and sequences Trees Priority Queues – Get the maximum element Dictionaries – stores words (hash tables) Search Trees (2-3 trees, b-trees) Sorting, Sets Text Processing (pattern search in strings) Graphs Textbook: ISBN: 0-67232-453-9
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Analysis Tools: Data Structure: Representation of a portion of the world inside the computer (how data is stored). Algorithm: Transformation of the input data to obtain an output. (How data is processed). Nicolas Wirth: Pascal (Creator of) Program = Data Structure + Algorithm Algorithm Characteristics Running Time How long does an algorithm take. It can be measured in seconds
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notes69 - 1/10/2005 through 1/14/2005 Instructor: Gustavo...

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