notes86 - 1-26-04Disadvantages of single-linked...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-26-04Disadvantages of single-linked lists:•Deletion of the last element in the linked list requires traversing the entire list.•Also removing an intermediate element takes O(n)The header node and trailer node do not store any values. These nodes are called “dummy nodes” or sentinel nodes.The sentinel nodes simplify the operations in the list by eliminating special cases at the beginning and the end of the list.typedef int ListEntryType;struct DLinkedListNode{ListEntryType _val;DLinkedListNode *_next;DLinkedListNode *_previous;}class DLinkedList:{DLinkedListNode *_header;DLinkedListNode *_trailer;public:DLinkedList();void add Front(ListEntryType val);void add End(ListEntryType val);void removeFront(ListEntryType *pval);bool removeEnd(ListEntryType *pval);}DLinkedList(){_header = new DLinkedListNode;assert(_header != NULL);_trailer = new DLinkedListNode;assert(_trailer != null);_header->_next = _trailer;_trader->previous = _header;// These values are only intialized for completeness, but are not used_header->_previous = NULL;_trailer->_next = NULL;_header->_val = 0;_trailer->_val = 0;}void addEnd(ListEntryType val){DLinkedListNode *node = new DLinkedListNode;assert(node != NULL);node->_val = val;node->_next = _trailer;node->previous = _trailer->_previous;_trailer->_previous->_next = node;_trailer->_previous = node;}bool removeFront(ListEntryType *pval){if(_header->_next = _trailer)return false;DLinkedList *node = _header->_next;node->_next->_previous = _header;_header->_next = node->_next;*pval = node->_val;delete node;return true;}You can use the double linked list to implement the stack or the queue....
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notes86 - 1-26-04Disadvantages of single-linked...

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