notes93 - CS251: Week of March 8th 1. (2-4) Trees 2....

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Unformatted text preview: CS251: Week of March 8th 1. (2-4) Trees 2. Red-Black Trees 2-23-04: (2-4) Trees I. Characteristics of (2-4) Trees • Each node can have up to 4 children, and at most 3 keys • Searchable keys are matched to each piece of data, and used to order the tree • All children must have same depth, or tree is unbalanced II. Operations of a (2-4) Tree A. Search 1. Start from root 2. If key being searched ("searchKey") < first key in the current node (K[first]), descend into the leftmost child 3. If searchKey > K[last], descend into rightmost child 4. Otherwise, compare with remaining keys, descending as appropriate 5. Once descended to node in lower level, check keys for a match 6. If no match, repeat 2-5 B. Insert 1. Insert key at lowest available node 2. Nodes with 1-2 keys will just receive a new key 3. 3-key Nodes must be split to accept a new key: o Considering all 4 key values, move one of the middle keys (#2 or #3, arbitrarily) up to the parent node o Repeat upwards if this causes parent to have 4 keys 4. If root overflows (has > 3 keys), split root into 3 nodes, and create 2 levels (one parent, two children) Time complexity: • Searching for location to insert: O(log n) • Balancing tree (worst case): O(log n) • Splitting root & creating new level, if necessary: O(1) • Total insertion operation: O(log n + log n + 1) = O(log n)...
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notes93 - CS251: Week of March 8th 1. (2-4) Trees 2....

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