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Stack, Queues, and Linked Lists Stack Definition: A container of objects that are inserted and removed according to the Last In First Out (LIFO) principle. Basic operations: a. Push: Insert an item to the top of a stack b. Pop : Removes an item from the top of the stack and returns item Implementation of a Stack Using an Array: A stack of 5 elements Sample Code public class ArrayStack implements Stack { private int capacity; //max size private Object s[]; //stack array private int top; //top of stack public ArrayStack(int cap) { capacity = cap; s = new Object[cap]; top = -1; } public int size() { return top+1; } public boolean isEmpty() //true if stack is empty { return top==-1; } public void push(Object obj) throws StackFullException { if (size == capacity) throw new StackFullException(“Stack Full”); top++; s[top] = obj;
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} public Object pop() Throws StackEmptyException { if(isEmpty()) throw new StackEmptyException(“Stack Empty”); Object tmp = s[top]; s[top]= null; top--; } } In this example, the array stack only stores element of type object. To store primitif type, use wrappers, type cast. To convert object to another element type, use type cast. Example code of storing integers in a stack ArrayStack s = new ArrayStack(10); s.push(new Integer(s)); Integer I = (Integer)s.pop(); int val=i.intValue();
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notes100 - Stack, Queues, and Linked Lists Stack...

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