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Created By: Arthur Moy - [email protected] Lecture Notes - January 23, 2002 Example of Algorithm using stacks: - computing the span of a stock price - the span of a stockprice for a certain day d is the number of previous consecutive days including d that the stock has been less than price at day d Simple Solution: - for each day find the previous day the stock was higher - subtract that day with current day + 1 class StockPrice{ double price; int span; } class StockExchange{ int n; //number of days StockPrice dayPrice[]; //assume price already added to dayPrice } void computeSpan() //Code a J--; } //Code c dayPrice[i].span = i-J; } Worst Case Scenario - The stock increases everyday. Code a ==> is executed n times Code b ==> is executed n squared times ( 0(n^2) ) Code c ==> is executed n times Highest Order (Complexity) = 0(n^2) Solution using a Stack
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computeSpan(){ StackInt stack=new StackInt(); //Code a for(int i=0; i while(!stack.isEmpty && dayPrice [].price <= dayPrice[i].price){ stack.pop(); } //Code c int n; //higher day if (stack.isEmpty()){ h = -1; //no previous higher day
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notes103 - Created By: Arthur Moy - [email protected] Lecture...

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