notes106 - Lab 2 Undo BoilerDraw->Graphic editor...

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02/04/02 Lab 2: Undo BoilerDraw->Graphic editor BoilerDrawMain->BoilerDrawUndoListner(filter)->BoilerDrawGraphicEditor Events (mouse keyboard) mouseDragged(x,y) mousePressed(x,y) mouseReleased(x,y) pull down menu options menuOption(option) openFile(fileName) saveFile(fileName) AddText(text) -BoilerDraw currently prints a message and calls the equivalent function every time one of the functions above are called. Implementation of Undo -Add code to BoilerDrawUndoListner to store the method invocation in a double linked list. ->mouse X->menu option->mouse X(current)->null -When menu option “Undo” is called -Don’t pass to BoilerDraw -Clear screen call _bDraw->menuOption(“New”) -Replay the calls to one node before current -Make current point to previous node. Hints -You may use and ListNode. Java already provided. -Create different subclasses of ListNode for each call that needs to be replaced. 1). MouseEventNode 2). MenuOptionNode 3). OpenFileNode 4). AddTextNode 1). Store Xp, Yp(pressed) Xd1, Yd1(dragged) Xd2,Yd2(dragged) Xr, Yr(released)
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2). Store String option 3). Store FileName 4). Store StringText -Each subclass should contain enough member variables to redo the event. -You may have a “do it” method in each node that executes the event. -When a method such as menuOption(option) is called -Create a new node MenuOptionNode -Adds node to end of list. -Increment current _The BoilerDrawUndoListner When it receives undo -Iterates over all list until current -Calls “doIt” for each node. _For mouse events store only enough information to reply the event.
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notes106 - Lab 2 Undo BoilerDraw->Graphic editor...

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