Stacks - Outline and Reading The Stack ADT (4.2.1)...

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Stacks Stacks 2 Outline and Reading The Stack ADT (§4.2.1) Applications of Stacks (§4.2.3) Array-based implementation (§4.2.2) Growable array-based stack Stacks 3 Abstract Data Types (ADTs) An abstract data type (ADT) is an abstraction of a data structure An ADT specifies: ± Data stored ± Operations on the data ± Error conditions associated with operations Example: ADT modeling a simple stock trading system ± The data stored are buy/sell orders ± The operations supported are ² order buy (stock, shares, price) ² order sell (stock, shares, price) ² void cancel (order) ± Error conditions: ² Buy/sell a nonexistent stock ² Cancel a nonexistent order Stacks 4 The Stack ADT The Stack ADT stores arbitrary objects Insertions and deletions follow the last-in first-out scheme Think of a spring-loaded plate dispenser Main stack operations: ± push (object o): inserts element o ± pop (): removes and returns the last inserted element Auxiliary stack operations: ± top (): returns a reference to the last inserted element without removing it ± size (): returns the number of elements stored ± isEmpty (): returns a Boolean value indicating whether no elements are stored Stacks 5 Exceptions Attempting the execution of an operation of ADT may sometimes cause an error condition, called an exception Exceptions are said to be “thrown” by an operation that cannot be executed In the Stack ADT, operations pop and top cannot be performed if the stack is empty Attempting the execution of pop or top on an empty stack throws an EmptyStackException Stacks 6 Applications of Stacks Direct applications ± Page-visited history in a Web browser ± Undo sequence in a text editor ± Saving local variables when one function calls another, and this one calls another, and so on.
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Stacks - Outline and Reading The Stack ADT (4.2.1)...

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