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Automaton Battles of History 6 - fallible. But there had to...

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Alberto Torres Ms. Beaudoin AP Language and Composition 2 November 2011 Automaton Battles of History As the apprentice spoke, the Champion immediately noticed a difference. The apprentice had more of a facetious voice where as this farcical sound that came from the apprentice was much more maniacal. His words were frugal, as he spoke of the fruition of his master plan, and how it was about to unfold. As the apprentice ended his speech about how futile this resistance was, the Champion took a very furtive attack, followed by feint attacks, and then he dealt the final blow. It was no good though, because the apprentice handled the flurry of attacks with flippant ease. He was no longer the fop, nor the factotum that did all the work at home. He was now a fervent fighter and his style of combat did not seem to be
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Unformatted text preview: fallible. But there had to be some kind of frailty or something that was foilable in his technique. But the fracas continued without the Champion finding a weakness. The apprentice’s frenetic offense requiring his full attention. If the Champion won, it would be a fortuitous victory. As his disciple, the apprentice always had a fastidious personality, but he had always been a filial figure to the Champion. Now he just had an evil façade. And slowly, the Champion was losing. For the very first time, the Champion was coming very close to defeat, and for the very first time, he had to win no matter what. How will he pull it off this time? Does this Automaton still have something left in reserve for a time like this? To be continued…...
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