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Alberto Torres Ms. Beaudoin AP Language and Composition 14 November 2011 Automaton Battles of History Last time, the Champion was in a very bad predicament. At this point the gloaming night had surrounded the two robots in a deep fog. The champion had tried to clear it, but it did nothing, and the Champion just looked stupid performing such gesticulations. The fog was not the worst of his problems however. The persistent gadfly, his apprentice, was seemingly unbeatable. His strategic gambol across the field was precise and complex. The once gregarious apprentice had become cold-hearted, but now was the time to stop him. The Champion had to do something that would limit the apprentice’s gumption to a minimum. It was then that the Champion had an idea, but for it to work, he would need to grovel himself to the fighter’s garrulous habits. So it was then that the Champion stopped fighting and spoke. The
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Unformatted text preview: gauche fighter did not know exactly what to say, so he complimented the apprentice on his garish paint job. He did not know what to say, but he needed to buy time, so he decided to start with the automaton genesis. The apprentice thanked him for the gratuitous lesson, but he did not see how it could have been germane in nature. The truth was that the gourmand speech had been the distraction that the Champion needed to rip the gamut of armor that was almost unnoticeable, off the opponent. What was revealed was a gaunt and grotesque figure, decaying in places were there should have been metal. It had all been a glib act. The apprentice was not some super powerful automaton. In fact, it was very probable that this was not the apprentice at all. To imagine this imitator had been the grandiloquent apprentice. In the end he had meet a gall end. How sent him and why? Find out next time!...
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