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Alberto Torres Ms. Beaudoin AP Language and Composition 14 November 2011 Automaton Battles of History Last time, the Champion had finally defeated the strange powerful Automaton, that had wreaked havoc in Automatown. It turned out that it was not the Champion’s apprentice. It was an imposter, and when he defeated him, the rotting body of the imposter was exposed. It was a harrowing sight, it in Automatown, such an event could be looked upon as a harbinger. The Champion looked around him and say destruction everywhere. He knew that the city council, which included a couple of nasty harpies, would give him a harangue, and call him a harlequin. He needed a vacation, maybe in the countryside. He could work as part of a husbandry, where he would take care of the hircine animals, along with a hirsute dog at his side. He would even live
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Unformatted text preview: in a hovel if he could get away from his job as hegemony in Automatown. But it was impossible to have a hegira from his work. All of the heinous villains would attack Automatown unless the Champion sealed it in a hermetic globe. Life was hackneyed, and all the Champion wanted was a halcyon place to live as a hedonist. But that was impossible. He would have to continue to give homilies to the people of Automatown, defeat the villainous hubris that confronted him each day, and live a histrionic life. But right then, the Champion wanted nothing more than to go into standby so he could rest a bit. But of course the duties of a Champion called, so slowly he made his way to the council, to tell them why a third of the city was destroyed. Find out what happens to the Champion next time in The Automaton Battles of History....
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