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Alberto Torres Ms. Beaudoin AP Language and Composition 30 November 2011 Automaton Battles of History Last time, the Champion had finally defeated the strange powerful Automaton who had been a real incubus, almost defeating our hero. However, in the end, the champion prevailed. Now all he had to do was survive the city’s council, who unfortunately were irascible leaders when it came to the cities well being. The bad news was that the fight left half the city in ruins, and the champion had to explain to these intelligentsia that he was not powerful enough to prevent such battle from getting out of hand. The invective he would receive would be painfully loud and insulting. Of course the scolding would be inane in nature, since it was not his fault that the mysterious automaton attacked. The Champion walked slowly, as if an impetus were trying to stop him in his tracks, dreading what was to come. Ergo, it thoroughly surprised the Champion when he got to the council and all was quite. In an
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