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Automaton Battles of History 12 - Alberto Torres Ms...

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Alberto Torres Ms. Beaudoin AP Language and Composition 9 January 2011 Automaton Battles of History Last time, the Champion had finally come up with an idea to take down the evil leviathan, which was approved by the council. Now the Champion had a difficult task ahead of him. He had to find a team of leonine and lithe Automatons that would put an end to the terror of the evil Automaton. Not much was known about him, but the Champion decided that the most powerful Automatons of the world could beat him if they joined together. So at that point, the Champion began his journey. He encountered copious amounts of Automatons along the way. Some were lethargic, and would not have done well in battle, and others were distracted due to their lascivious nature. There were several cities in which the citizens lionized the Champion, but as he searched further away from Automatown, less and less people seemed to know him. After searching for quite some time, the Champion became discouraged. Most of the Automatons were
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