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Alberto Torres Ms. Beaudoin AP Language and Composition 18 January 2012 Automaton Battles of History Last time the Champion had gone out looking for his dream team, which he planned to use to defeat the macabre automaton that threatened the whole world. He had become a mundane danger, and everyone feared that the last thing they would see would be his face, full of mirth. He had become so feared that people were frightened to even mention his name, Cerberus, and it became taboo. That was the whole basis for the Champion’s meticulous search for the best automatons of the world, which lead him to the current situation: how was he going to get the automaton in front of him, Ralph, to join the team? The Champion approached Ralph, using a mellifluous voice, and told him about his dilemma. A metamorphosis occurred, and Ralph took on a maverick personality, telling the Champion that he was a buffoon and he could never defeat Cerberus. The milieu became grim. The Champion could not believe that someone would refuse
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