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Automaton Battles of History 14 - Alberto Torres Ms...

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Alberto Torres Ms. Beaudoin AP Language and Composition 1 Feburary 2012 Automaton Battles of History Last time the Champion had finally been able to establish a nexus with Ralph, who agreed to join a team which would stop Cerberus once and for all. However, the team was not ready to challenge the nefarious nemesis just yet. The Champion had to find more powerful automatons if he wanted to make this world a nirvana. He remembered that Ralph mentioned a place where only the most powerful automatons fought. When he inquired more details, Ralph replied with a non sequitur. “This place only exists when one is at the end of the road”. This made absolutely no sense to the Champion, so he took on a nonchalant air, so that Ralph could not tell that he was confused. Ralph did not notice, but he gained a nuance in his expression. It was a look of nostalgia, and suddenly, the Champion wondered if he was actually serious about this location of the world’s most powerful automatons. Maybe this place had a
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