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Review sheet for Test 1, Democratic Political Philosophy, Spring 2010, February 16 I will pick 5 of these terms/questions and you will be responsible for answering 3 of those 5: Religion and politics in Athens before the Classical Age Lycurgus and Spartan law Legal codification and the rise of democracy Isonomia Creon v. Antigone Economic and social conditions which support and undermine democracy in Athens (silver, slaves, empire, Peloponnesian War) Constant’s description of the “moderns” Stasis Polis Pericles Role of tradition in Athens and Sparta Tyranny of the Thirty Socrates Dialectic Cephalus’ definition of justice Describe one argument made by Thrasymachus and briefly explain Socrates’ refutation City-in-speech
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Unformatted text preview: Timocracy Why is the most unjust man also the unhappiest? (Describe one of the arguments of book 9 of the Republic ) Sophists Myth of Prometheus Principle of the natural division of labor Communism of property/family Role of women in Republic Why should the philosopher rule? Why should cities ban tragedies? Forms Cave metaphor Statesmanship Aristotle v. Plato on empirical knowledge Aristotle’s four causes Golden mean Aristotle’s definition of politics Aristotle’s argument for private property Habits and the democratic citizen in Aristotle Teleology For the essays, I would recommend paying particular attention to the Republic , Books 8 and 9, the passages assigned from Aristotle’s Politics , and lecture notes...
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