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Lipinski Ch 15 9.29.10

Lipinski Ch 15 9.29.10 - Quiz Questions Quiz Questions 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz Questions Quiz Questions 1. What household item was Lipinski’s first case study about? 2. In his second case study, Lipinski wants to award the H­Prize for research on what? 3. One strategy mentioned in the chapter is to send correspondence to all the members of the House. This is called what? Class Activity Class Activity In groups of 10, pretend that you are a first term House member. Decide what issue you want to influence in the upcoming session and create a plan for enactment. Be sure to cite direct advice from Lipinski in your report. 1. What is the issue? 2. How would you use the process to your advantage? 3. How would you build relationships and take advantage of them? Lipinski’s Advice Lipinski’s Advice Consider all the avenues for impact Fortune­telling + timing React to unorthodox lawmaking Word legislation for good committee assignment Pay attention to committee norms Get committee assignments that put you where you can influence your issues If not on the committee, get support from committee members Lipinski’s Advice Lipinski’s Advice Get party leadership on board Why would leadership want to help you? Make sure the committee communicates with leadership Build relationships What are the sources of these relationships? Dear Colleague letter Garner bipartisan and broad ideological support “Outside game” Get your item incorporated into a bigger bill likely to pass Make it an amendment Attach good names Join with likeminded ideas Lipinski’s Advice Lipinski’s Advice Choose your time wisely Share credit Only ask favors when you need them Use timetable to your advantage Use leverage over leadership ...
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