How a Bill Becomes a Law 9.21.07

How a Bill Becomes a Law 9.21.07 - both houses Veto How a...

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Speaker of House receives bill Hearings Committee markup * k House amends Senate bill Conference report * k House and Senate floor * Hearings Committee markup * k Veto override Senate floor House floor Subcommittee Senate floor * k Conference committee * Majority leader * President of Senate receives bill Committee House floor * k Rules Committee * Senate amends House bill Law Committee * White House P Subcommittee * Approve Adoption by
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Unformatted text preview: both houses Veto How a Bill Becomes a Law * Points at which bill can be amended. k Points at which bill can die. P If the President neither signs nor vetoes the bill within ten days, it automatically becomes law. However, if the President does not take action during the last 10 days of the legislative session it is vetoed. This process is known as the pocket veto. Speaker...
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