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StandardSyllabus-EMA4714 - 2012 - Course Syllabus EMA 4714...

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EMA 4714 Materials Selection and Failure Analysis Spring 2012 A. Catalog Description – Philosophy and practice of engineering selection of materials. Case studies in product liability and failure analysis; 3 credit hours. B. Pre-requisite – EGM 2511, Engineering Mechanics – Statics; EGM 3520, Mechanics of Materials; STA 3032, Engineering Statistics [co-requisite]. C. Course Objectives - This is a senior level capstone design course in Materials Science and Engineering. The specific objectives for the course are: describe, both conceptually and analytically, how system components work and to model function or performance using scientific and engineering principles learned as part of your undergraduate education. Participate in an integrated design activity using fundamentals of “systems engineering”, where performance and behavior have to be analyzed in light of consumer expectations and merchantability of the design to gain experience in the selection of materials and optimization of behavior by using a systematic methodology which combines materials properties with the engineering function of the process or product design. to defend materials selection effectively both orally and in written form. to select and use appropriate industrial literature and library resources in the solution of materials selection and failure analysis problems. D. Contribution of course to meeting the professional component - This is a 3 credit course. It provides 3 credits towards design. E. Relationship of course to program outcomes - This course addresses the following MSE Program outcomes (note: Numbers refer to the list of MSE Program outcomes): 1. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to materials systems (High Coverage). As a senior capstone course, this course provides students with the opportunity to integrate skills acquired in all college and departmental core courses in solving complex real–life engineering problems rather than to learn them. Students demonstrate this knowledge on homework problems, biweekly quizzes
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StandardSyllabus-EMA4714 - 2012 - Course Syllabus EMA 4714...

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