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Group Presentation Guidelines2

Group Presentation Guidelines2 - AEE 3030 Spring 2010 Group...

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AEE 3030: Spring 2010 Group Presentation Guidelines Below is all you need to know for your group presentations. This is your guide to get the job done right! There are 3 things you will need to hand in: 1. An outline of your presentation, with a breakdown of who is taking the lead on which part. Someone should take the lead for each part of the presentation but it should be a balanced mix and that does NOT mean chunking the entire presentation. Turn in one per group. This is due to your TA several days before you present. You should also turn in a hard copy the day of your presentation. 2. The team member peer evaluation is attached in Appendix C . Each individual must submit a form. Due to your TA the day of your presentation. 3. Group reflection written by ALL group members. Turn in one copy via E-Learning. The reflection should include everything outlined in Appendix B . The reflection is due one week following your speech. Since it is the end of the semester, we recommend completing your group reflection immediately following your lab and turning it in early. The order of group presentations will be chosen per your TAs instructions.
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