111-33 - GY 111 Lecture Notes D. Haywick (2008-09) 1 GY 111...

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GY 111 Lecture Notes D. Haywick (2008-09) 1 GY 111 Lecture Notes Metamorphism 4: Metamorphic Facies Lecture Goals : A) Metamorphic facies Reference: Press et al., 2004, Chapter 9; Grotzinger et al., 2007, Chapter 6; GY 111 Lab manual Chapter 4 A) Metamorphic Facies This will be the second last lecture on metamorphic rocks. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the subject for today deals with an important concepts in the study of metamorphism: the problem of parent rock composition . In GY 111, we usually concentrate on sedimentary rocks when we introduce the idea of “parent rocks”. The reason for this is that we just finished off the sedimentary rocks and shales and sandstones are (or should be!) fresh in your memory. But any rock can be metamorphosed which means that the parent rocks can be anything. Shale, sandstone, basalt, granite, rhyolite, gypsum, even other metamorphic rocks like slate, schist and marble can be re-metamorphosed. So the problem is that it is hard to keep track of all of the possible metamorphic rocks that could originate from all of the possible parent rocks. Matters aren’t helped by the fact that many different parent rocks might ultimately be metamorphosed to the same metamorphic rock: To avoid this problem (and any difficulties that might arise when talking to your
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111-33 - GY 111 Lecture Notes D. Haywick (2008-09) 1 GY 111...

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