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TEXTURE ROCK NAME DIAGNOSTIC FEATURES Slate Dense, variably colored (black to red) rock composed of microscopic grains and crystals. May display rock cleavage and a subtle sheen along partings Phyllite Fine-grained rock characterized by prominent glossy sheen. Variably colored. Minerals Rock name chlorite chlorite schist garnet and chlorite garnet chlorite schist muscovite & biotite mica schist talc talc schist graphite graphite schist garnet & mica garnet mica schist amphibole amphibole schist (amphibolite) kyanite kyanite schist staurolite staurolite schist sillimanite sillimanite schist Schist Fine to medium grained rock displaying a distinctive and frequently wavy layering of platy mica minerals (schistose texture). Schists are named after the dominant minerals comprising them. See adjacent column for most of the names that you are responsible for in GY 111L. There are many other possible combinations. calcite\limestone
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