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GY 112 lecture notes D. Haywick (2006) 1 GY 112 Lecture Notes Paleozoic Overview Lecture Goals : A) World Paleogeography (Preceded by a series of videos) B) Key Tectonic Events Textbook reference: Levin 7 th edition (2003), Chapters 8-10; Levin 8 th edition (2006), Chapters 10-12 A) World Paleogeography We have a tremendous amount of paleogeographic data for the Paleozoic thanks to dedicated geologists like Chris Scotese. The plate tectonic/paleogeography video that you will see in class (or have already seen in class depending upon when you read these notes) is largely a result of Scotese’s efforts to sort through countless pieces of paleomagnetic, radiometric, paleontological and sedimentological data. In class, we will discuss the paleogeography of North America (then known as Laurentia ) in some detail, but it is also necessary to discuss the word as a whole. Two diagrams scanned directly out of a standard text book appear on the next pages (refer to Scotese’s web site (http://www.scotese.com/) for high quality images). You will note that in the early part of the Paleozoic (see Scotese’s map to left), several continents (sub continents really) were scattered across the equator. North America (Laurentia) Siberia and Europe ( Baltica) were surrounded by passive continental margins. Beach sediments (quartz arenite sand) and shallow marine limestones were deposited all around the shoreline. Because they lie
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112lect26 - GY 112 lecture notes D. Haywick (2006) 1 GY 112...

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