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GY 301: Geomorphology Lab 4: GPS Survey Exercises Page 1 of 1 Introduction: In this lab you will use hand-held GPS receiver units to map a running trail on campus. In addition, you will take waypoints for the corners of the Life Sciences Building. After you have recorded all of the necessary waypoints, you must download these data via a cable connection to a computer. The data will then be used via computer software to produce useful maps. In class I told you about Surfer©, which is used to produce contour maps. I’ve changed my mind about using that program for this lab. A better option is to transfer the data points into the topographic mapping program All Topo©. We will use it to generate a hard copy map of the wetlands. To accomplish the mapping component of this lab (today’s work) you will need to know how to: 1. Set the GPS to a specific map datum and coordinate system. For this project we are using NAD27 datum, UTM coordinates in zone 16. First go to the main menu screen. Scroll down and
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