301-a6 - Name Raw score/60 Percentage/100 GY 301...

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GY 301: Geomorphology Lab 6: Fluvial Geomorphology and Processes Page 1 of 5 Your Task: From now on, you lab exercises will primarily involve map interpretations. You should be able to complete them within the 2 hour lab period provided that you do focused work on them. Please note that the topographic maps you will be using come in different scales and that we don’t necessarily have a lot of copies of each map. For some maps, we only have 3 or 4 copies. When absolutely necessary, you will be provided with scanned portions of maps, but most times, you will have to share maps. The most common scale (1:24,000) will not easily fit on the small desks that we have in room 42 so it might be a good idea to push a couple of them together to form a larger table surface. Please put the desks back in rows when you are done. Outside of the normal lab session, maps are available in the storage cabinets in room 337. They are alphabetically sorted. Due Date: 5:00 PM October 16th PART I: Stream Profiles and Discharge Problem 1: Imagine that you are a hydrogeologist, and that you must calculate the discharge rate and the amount sediment being transported by a stream. A floating object was dropped into the middle of the stream channel and timed as it traveled a known distance of 300 feet. The result was 41 seconds of travel time. What is the velocity of the stream in feet per second? (show calculation steps for partial credit) Velocity (feet/second) = ____________________________________ [3 points] Problem 2: Given the profile constructed in Figure 1 (top of next page), which was based on depth soundings made across the stream channel, calculate the discharge of the stream (on next page). You should count the rectangles in Figure 1 to determine the cross sectional area of the stream. Assume that each rectangle is 15 feet wide and 10 feet high. Constants
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301-a6 - Name Raw score/60 Percentage/100 GY 301...

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