301-a7 - GY 301: Geomorphology Lab 7: Arid Lands...

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Unformatted text preview: GY 301: Geomorphology Lab 7: Arid Lands Geomorphology Page 1 of 4 Your Task: Today’s lab deals with the interpretation of geomorphological features that typically occur in arid regions. The exercises should be able to be completed within the 2 hour lab period provided that you do focused work on them. The most common scale (1:24,000) will not easily fit on the small desks that we have in room 42 and today, some of the questions require you to compare maps. Once again, it might be a good idea to push a couple of desks together to form a larger table surface. Please put the desks back in rows when you are done. Outside of the normal lab session, maps are available in the storage cabinets in room 337. They are alphabetically sorted. Due Date: 5:00 PM, October 23th PART ONE: ARID LAND FEATURES Problem 1 : Kane Spring, CA 7.5' Sheet a) What is the exact elevation at the NW corner of section 19, T 11S, R 10E? _________________________________________________________ [3 points] b) What large geomorphological feature stretches from west to east across the middle portion of the map (from section 19 to 23, T 11S, R 10E)? _________________________________________________________ [2 points] c) Draw a vertical profile from the point where the 50 foot contour line crosses the southern boundary line to section 22 to the NE corner of section 10 (both in T 11S, R 10E). [8 points] Vertical Exaggeration: ________________________________________________...
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301-a7 - GY 301: Geomorphology Lab 7: Arid Lands...

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