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301-pp20 - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Last Time Karst...

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1 GY 301: Geomorphology Lecture 20: Groundwater UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA http://wedc.lboro.ac.uk/dw/images/drawing-water-from-a-well-1.jpg Last Time Karst Geomorphology What is karst?; Chemical considerations Karst landforms (small to large scale) Karst features on topographic maps Karst Geomorphology First described by Serbia Geographer Jovan Cviji ć (1865– 1927) Named after the Kras Plateau region bordering Italy and the former Yugoslavia (now Serbia) Distinctive landforms caused by dissolution of limestone by water (surface and ground water) CaCO 3 Ca 2+ + CO 3 2- Chemical Considerations •The relationship between P CO 2 and Ca 2+ /CO 3 2- is non-linear •Mixing any 2 waters that are naturally saturated with Ca 2+ and CO 3 2- will result in a solution that is undersaturated (e.g., dissolution of CaCO 3 ) Thrailkill (1968) Karst Topography Limestone dissolution features are abundant and diverse both at the surface and underground Karst Topography •Like meandering rivers, the degree of karstification can be related to “age”
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2 Karst Topography Small Scale •rillenkarren (karren) •solution pits •pavements Karst Topography Large Scale •caves •sinkholes •disappearing streams •tower karst http://www.devsys.co.uk/Album/Places%20of%20Interest/limestone%20caves.jpg Karst Topography Large Scale •caves •sinkholes •disappearing streams •tower karst Karst Features on Maps Caves Today’s Lecture Groundwater The hydrosphere and the hydrological cycle Groundwater concepts Hydrogeology concepts (Darcy’s Law, 3 point problems) Hydrosphere
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