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1 GY 301: Geomorphology GY 301: Geomorphology Lecture 21: Glaciers and Glacial Mechanics UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Source: Erebus_glacier_cave_NOAA_1978.jpg Last Time Groundwater The hydrosphere and the hydrological cycle Groundwater concepts Hydrogeology concepts (Darcy’s Law, 3 point problems) Hydrological Cycle Most of the planet’s water is in the oceans (96%) followed by the ice caps (3%) and then groundwater (1%) ht p:/ www.coloradocol ege.edu/dept/ev/courses/EV211WWW/hydrological%20cycle.jpg Groundwater Groundwater is water that infiltrates below the Earth’s surface Porosity : percent void space in a material Permeability : degree of connectivity of pores (ability of a material to transmit a fluid) ht p:/ www.belmont.sd62.bc.ca/teacher/geology12/photos/erosion-water/permeability.gif Water Table Morphology • Porous layers that are capable of passing water and releasing it at springs and/or wells are called aquifers . ht p:/ www.tol.ca/files/web_images/engineering/environment/WebImages/unconfined.jpg Types of Aquifers Potentiometric Surface: elevation to which the pressurized water in a confined aquifer will rise Artesian Well: water rises to an elevation above the aquifer Flowing Artesian Well/Spring: potentiometric surface is above the ground surface ht p:/ www.douglas.co.us/water/images/Denver_Basin_Aquifers_clip_image004.jpg
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2 Other Groundwater Issues • Ground subsidence and collapse
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