301-pp24 - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Last Time Glacial...

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1 GY 301: Geomorphology GY 301: Geomorphology Lecture 24: Continental Glaciations UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA ht p:/ www.kgs.ku.edu/Publications/PIC/28figures/fig4.jpg Last Time Glacial Geomorphology (Continental variety) Continental glaciers today and in the past Erosive features Depositional features Continental Glaciers • Thick ice masses actually depress the lithosphere below sea level ht p:/ opa.yale.edu/images/articles/6449-E-Oice.jpg • Polished and striated bedrock • Roche moutonee Continental Glaciation and Erosion ht p:/ upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons ht p:/ libwiki.mcmaster.ca/clip/uploads/Main/rocheformation.jpg Continental Glaciation and Deposition • Landforms are produced by the motion of a thick ice sheet ± Moraines ± Drumlins ± Eskers ± Erratics ± Outwash ± Kettle Lakes/Kames ± Varves ± Loess ht p:/ geopanorama.rncan.gc.ca/calgary/geotour/6_e.php ht p:/ z.about.com/d/geology/1/0/E/L/esker.jpg Bedshiel esker Continental Glaciation and Deposition •O u tw a s
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2 Continental Glaciation and Deposition • Varves are laminated silt layers deposited in glacial lakes. ht p:/ www.backyardnature.net/loess/vertbluf.jpg ht p:/ brianmil erphoto.com ht p:/ www.geologyrocks.co.uk/system/files/u2/varves.jpg Continental Glaciation and Deposition •L o e
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301-pp24 - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Last Time Glacial...

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