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301-pp25 - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Last Time A Cenozoic...

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1 GY 301: Geomorphology Lecture 25: Aeolian Processes & Sandy Deserts UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Last Time A) Cenozoic temperature shifts (GY 112) B) Causes of Plio-Pleistocene Glaciations C) Consequences of Plio-Pleistocene Glaciations Plio-Pleistocene Major world-wide cooling first began in the early Eocene. Glacial/Interglacial Stages > 500 KA Nebraskan glacial 435 – 500 KA Aftonian interglacial 300 – 435 KA Kansan glacial 265 – 300 KA Yarmouth interglacial 125 – 265 KA Illinoisan glacial 75 – 125 KA Sangamon interglacial 10 – 75 KA Wisconsinian glacial 0 - 10 KA Holocene interglacial Time frame Name of stage Glacial/ interglacial stage Milankovitch Cycles Three major changes in Earth’s orbit are linked to glacial oscillations •Eccentricity •Obliquity •Precession Great lakes Last glacial maximum 35,000-10,000 years ago Wisconsin Stage Remained when ice sheets melted back Consequences of Continental Glaciations
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2 The Great Flood (catastrophic emptying of Lake Missoula) Consequences of Continental Glaciations http://hugefloods.com/Lake_Missoula_Map.gif The Scablands : the area affected by the flooding Consequences of Continental Glaciations http://www.nps.gov/iceagefloods/J-ext1.JPG Lowering of sea level Exposed continental shelves Consequences of Continental Glaciations Climate impacts were felt globally Steepened temperature gradients Increased aridity Exception: Great Basin • Lakes Great Salt Lake Consequences of Continental Glaciations End of the Ice Age
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