301syl - GY 301: Geomorphology - 3 hours Fall 2009 Your...

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GY 301: Geomorphology - 3 hours Fall 2009 Your Host: Dr. Doug Haywick (http://www.usouthal.edu/geology/haywick) Objectives and Goals: The objectives of the course will be to develop skills in landform recognition and interpretation, topographic contouring, map navigation, topographic profiles, fundamental surveying skills with the alidade and total station, and mineral and rock resource calculation. All of these skills will be developed in the field environment as part of the laboratory component. The lecture will provide the theoretical underpinnings of the field methods used in the lab. Prerequisite: GY 111. Note: This class is normally taught by Dr. David Allison. The majority of the lectures, assignments, handouts and lab exercises are his. I apologize in advance for any complications, problems and errors in my interpretation of these materials. (Changes in red . Expect a few more this semester) WEEK 1: TOPOGRAPHIC BASE MAPS & CLOSED TRAVERSES Lect 1: Introduction, course structure; Map scales; Map Projections; Map coordinates; Magnetic declination Lect 2: Topographic maps; Digital maps; Pace and Compass with the Pocket Transit Lab 1: Brunton Compass techniques; Pace and Compass Closed Traverse exercise (Campus) WEEK 2: TOPOGRAPHIC CONTOUR INTERPRETATION & CONSTRUCTION Lect 3: Construction of contours from elevation data; Computer contouring methods Lect 4: Topographic profiles with geologic cross sections; Apparent Dips Lab 2: Contouring & Profile Construction from Geologic Maps (Campus) WEEK 3: ALIDADE & PLANE TABLE METHODS Lect 5: Alidade components; Alidade calculations and logistics Lect 6: Coastal Geomorphology Lab 3: Intro to topographic maps; coastal geomorphology. WEEK 4: GEOMORPHOLOGY OF THE GULF COAST Lect 7: Coastal plain geomorphology: terraces and sea level change Lect 8: GIS and Geomorphology (Guest Lecture) Lab 4: Coastal Geomorphology lab continued WEEK 5: GPS SURVEYING & NAVIGATION Lect. 9: GPS operating principles and equipment types; limitations of GPS Lect. 10: Navigation with GPS; Using GPS with GIS Lab 5: GPS Surveying and Navigation Lab WEEK 6: TOTAL STATION SURVEY TECHNIQUES FOR TOPOGRAPHIC MAPPING Lect 11: Total Station instrument components and computer interface; Total station setup demonstration Lect 12: Topographic data collection with TS; Data transfer and integration with Surfer. Lab 6:
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301syl - GY 301: Geomorphology - 3 hours Fall 2009 Your...

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