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GY 302: Mineralogy and Crystallography Lab Assignment 8: Optical Mineralogy Exercise Introduction: If all went according to plan, you have already been thoroughly entertained with a lecture(s) outlining the basics of optical properties of minerals and the petrographic microscopes. You should have been introduced to terms like birefringence, polarization, isotropic, anisotropic, pleochroism and relief , but without hands-on exposure with petrographic microscopes, they would simply remain abstract terms. You need to know these basics in order to understand the rocks that you will see in other classes like GY 303 (Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology) and GY 402 (Sedimentary Petrology). This lab is designed to familiarize you with the workings of a petrographic microscope and how to use optical properties to identify common rock-forming minerals in thin-section. It is meant to be straight-forward (e.g., the questions are simple, though the answers may not be!), but there are a lot of them. Take your time looking them over and refer back to your notes for help. Note about the exercises: We do not have enough microscopes for you to work independently on them during the lab period. Work with a partner . This is also a lab that you cannot do without hands on help. Use the lab period wisely and when all else fails, ask questions! Note about format . Although there are specific questions to answer, and your mark will be based upon those questions, I strongly advise you to learn as much about each of the minerals that you are going to see as possible in this lab. Draw quality sketches of the minerals and their characterizing attributes such as cleavage, or relief etc and include scales on all of your sketches. In short, record everything that you can about these minerals, not just when you have to. These diagrams may be the only help you have when it comes to identifying minerals in rocks next semester. Use your lab not books to answer these questions. This lab is due: See the calendar or website for due dates.
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302ass8 - GY 302: Mineralogy and Crystallography Lab...

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