402-lab1 - Lab 1 Geological Survey of South Alabama...

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Geological Survey of South Alabama Incorporated 2007 Director: William F. Brokhourse Ph.D Monday, January 09, 2012 GY 402 Students, Writing is more than simply being able to write a term paper on a topic of your choice or the instructors. You also need to be able to communicate in a business fashion or with the general public. Sometimes, the writing is a full blown report, but more often then not, it’s no more than an explanation for an attached document or for a set of data. That is the case with today’s laboratory assignment. I want to point out that today’s “lab” assignment is unusual as it involves both analytical work and writing. In GY 402, you normally get separate writing assignments; however, right now, we have a bit of a lull in the lab as you are doing grain size analysis for the next couple of weeks. Besides, I want you to have a bit of exercise with number crunching as well as just learning writing techniques. Your task in this assignment is twofold: 1) complete the attached ternary plotting exercise and 2) write a short cover note addressed to me more or less stating “here is the data you requested”. Use proper letter- writing techniques (sign and date your cover letter). Use the document that I e-mailed to everyone earlier this week (or get it off the website).For now, assume that I hold the position of Assistant Director at the GSSA and that you are still a Geologist In Training. However, if you keep up the good work, I suspect that a promotion is in the cards soon! See the class website for due dates.
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402-lab1 - Lab 1 Geological Survey of South Alabama...

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